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VIDAL Construction is a boutique Perth design and construction company that specialises in all aspects of residential design,  & commercial design through  to project management and construction.

With our diverse experience, we deliver building design solutions all the way through to final construction and handover from our integrated team of building designers and builders. 

Our solutions are individually tailored to the tastes, outcomes and budgets of our clients. 

It’s easy to start the conversation with our team by calling or messaging our office.  We can meet you on your proposed site or you to come into our offices in Balcatta.

Perth Unfinished home / property builds

Are you facing the frustration of an unfinished home in Perth due to a builder’s sudden halt or liquidation? Don’t let incomplete construction projects weigh you down.

Discovering that your chosen builder can’t complete your project in Perth due to liquidation can be overwhelming. But there’s no need to panic. At Vidal Construction, we’re committed to providing reassurance and expertise during uncertain times. If your builder’s financial affairs are in disarray, or you’re simply dissatisfied with their progress, our team is ready to step in and complete the outstanding work to our usual high standards.

Our experienced team specializes in taking on projects of various sizes and stages of completion in Perth. Whether your home is partially built or needs finishing touches, we have the skills and dedication to bring your vision to life.

What is our process?

Assessment and Planning: In this stage, we will conduct a thorough evaluation of the unfinished property and collaborates with the client to establish project goals and expectations.

Bringing the Vision to Life: With a solid plan in place, we will assign skilled professionals and efficiently manages resources to execute the construction project.

Timely Completion and Client Satisfaction: The final stage focuses on completing the project within agreed timelines while ensuring client satisfaction through transparent communication and post-construction support.

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